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Coach the Coach

Your agile coaches are supported throughout their development journey, through lots of reflection and continuous improvement.

Coach the Coach

Agile Coaches also need coaching!

Agile Mountain knows and understands how important the ongoing development of an Agile Coach is. With many years of experience as agile coaches, we've learned that continuous growth and development are engaging, motivating, and necessary.

Coaching Approach

The Agile Mountain Coach-the-coach is a structured support program for Agile Coaches where we accompany you in your work environment and use various coaching stances to help you develop and grow. From observing and reflecting, mirroring or even teaching and advising, having a professional level C.E.C. and C.T.C. coach support will accelerate your coaching capabilities to a professional level.

Agile Mountain's Coach the Coach program usually runs in parallel with the Advanced Agile Coach Training Program. An extensive multi-week training and coaching package for Agile Coaches who want to move to the professional and expert level.

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