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Organisational Diagnostic

How "agile" is our organisation? The Organisational Diagnostic provides a complete and holistic view of your organisation's effectiveness.

Organisational Diagnostic


Most organisations today have either started an "agile transformation journey" or are thinking about one. Some companies are further along in their adventure than others, but all have one question in common - where are they now; what is the current baseline of the organisation?

The Organisational Diagnostic answers these questions and more. It provides an insight into the organisation's current level of maturity and resilience, with "half an eye" on agile principles and values. Moreover, the Organisational Diagnostic also highlights the improvement areas to focus on next.

How it works

The Organisational Diagnostic is a deep dive into the organisation. It builds an independent and impartial view of the current situation, structured around four elements. Those being;

  • People and Skills

  • Technology and Products

  • Organisation and Structure

  • Vision and Strategy

Information is gathered through four unique perspectives to build an impartial and unbiased picture. Those perspectives are collected through the following activities;

  1. A leadership workshop, where the view of the leadership team is established

  2. Team workshops, where the team level perspectives are created

  3. Individual discussions to understand the individuals view, and finally

  4. A cultural profile to understand the dominant cultural values which exist within the cohort of people.

Once the Organisational Diagnostic is complete, the information is reflected back to the company, along with a series of ideas and recommendations with which to move forward.

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