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Team Coaching

Coaching builds on the team's current or newly acquired knowledge to develop practical experience and strengthen understanding.

Team Coaching

Is Agile Team Coaching necessary?

"We've done the training; why do we need coaching?"

​It's a common question and also a legitimate one. After all, if the training has been completed, we just need to use our new knowledge, right? ​ Training is excellent for building knowledge, learning and experiencing new topics, techniques and tools. However, coaching builds on that knowledge by enabling and accelerating the understanding and putting it into practice in your unique context.

Agile Mountain accompanies teams to reflect, support, advise, or consult during the coaching phase. Our on-the-job coaching aims to build the team's capability through reflection and continuous improvement. We will not do the work for you. We will help you find sustained continuous improvement.

Coaching Approach

Agile Mountain uses a Catalyst Coaching approach which focuses on building your capability and ensuring it is sustainable. It is based on the belief that your teams can succeed independently. Agile Mountain will intentionally stay out of your business to maintain a crucial external perspective. Catalyst Coaching works best from here as a systemic view of your teams can be gained.

This is different from consulting. Agile Mountain will not tell you what to do, nor do the work for you. Catalyst Coaching helps you find your own solutions through pursuing continuous improvement techniques. The ultimate goal of Catalyst Coaching is for you to become independent of external support.

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