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Team Kick-off Workshop

Do new teams need to get up and running? Or maybe existing teams want to start something new. Our kick-off workshops are perfect for this.

Team Kick-off Workshop


Sometimes a new or an existing team would like to start something different or make a significant change but can never find the opportunity to begin. The Team Kick-off workshop is ideally suited to this situation. It is custom designed to fit the team's needs and allows them to come together and move forward together.

This workshop is often part of a more extensive engagement, such as an Agile Transformation or ongoing training and coaching support. It results in the team having suitable systems in place and making the right decisions so the team can move towards their new endeavour with confidence and momentum.

How it works

The Team Kick-off workshop is structured around comprehensive and varied activities. The activities that are chosen depending on the team's situation. They are generally in the form of team chartering activities or education and learning topics. They are practically focused, giving the group what they need to move forward.

Once the Team Kick-off is complete, the team can continue alone, or sometimes coaching support is preferred to assist with putting the new concepts into practice.


  • Duration: Typically 1-2 days, depending on the situation

  • Who is involved: All team members, plus other stakeholders when appropriate

  • Language: English

  • In-person or Online: Both. Hybrid is also possible

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