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Advanced Scrum Master
Advanced Scrum Master
Advanced Scrum Master

Advanced Scrum Master

In-person: 2 days

Online: 4 half-days

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​Course details

A good Scrum Master must know the Scrum Framework thoroughly. But understanding the framework, its events and artefacts will not be enough to solve more complex challenges that your team and organisation might experience. You will need tools from the advanced toolbox. You will need to learn coaching and facilitation techniques. This course will equip you with strategies to take your team and organisation to the next level of Agility.

Content and Learning Objectives

Learn how to extend your previous knowledge from the CSM course. The key topics covered in this course include:

  • Empirical process control

  • Advanced facilitation

  • Advanced Coaching

  • Self-organisation

  • Team dynamics

  • Definition of done

  • Value of engineering practices

  • Coaching the product owner

  • Resolving impediments

  • Scaling Scrum

  • Dealing with organisational change

  • Personal development

  • Servant leadership

This class is delivered using techniques from Accelerated Learning and Training for the Back of the Room which maximises the retention of the participants. This training is not a lecture format, where a teacher talks and participants listen, it is a fully immersive and interactive learning experience.


  • In-person: 2-day workshop

  • Online: 4 x half-day workshop, using Miro and Zoom

  • Class size: max 20 people

  • Language: English

  • Public or Private training: private

Who should attend

This course is designed for any professional who has already completed the CSM certification (or equivalent) and is currently looking to move to the next level of Scrum Mastership.

Interested to learn more? Or perhaps you have some questions. Feel free to send us a message.

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