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Agile Leadership Program

Duration: 2 x 2 x 2 days + coaching

Agile Leadership Program

Agile Leadership? What does that even mean?

Some people are born to lead, and others are not - right? And anyway, leadership style is determined by an individual's personality.

These are widespread misconceptions, and you will learn why and what to do about them in the Agile Leadership Program! In addition, being a leader is challenging enough, but then add agile into the mix, and things can become overwhelming.

Most agile training and coaching programs focus on teams and individuals, but what about the managers and leaders? What do they need to do differently? The majority of agile transformations which have stalled, or not achieved the desired benefits, have one common factor - the managers and leaders do not change or adapt their approach. And in the rare cases where they do, it is not a deliberate or conscious change but more stumbling forwards as best as possible.

Another common misconception often makes the situation worse: agile teams do not need managers or leaders. This compounds the problem and results in leaders feeling lost, overwhelmed and jumping from one crisis meeting to another. Well, it does not have to be this way! A new type of leadership is required.

Introducing the Agile Leadership Training and Coaching Program

This program is a training and practice‐based approach to learning which develops agile leadership competency and maturity, leading to an increase in leadership effectiveness in complex, uncertain and ever-changing conditions.

It focuses primarily on the styles of leadership which are considered the most effective for highly skilled knowledge workers in an environment where innovation and creativity are at the fore.

The program combines theoretical learning through training, plus practice-based activities where you can use the newly learned skills in a real work context. The workshop environment provides a safe and informal space where newly learned skills can be practised with others before being used in a real work environment.

Each theoretical training session will be followed by a normal working period where you can take opportunities to practise the newly learned skills in your daily work. When the class reconvenes for the next theoretical training session, there will be an opportunity to reinforce the learning through shared experiences and dialogue with colleagues.

In addition to the in-depth training workshops, there will opportunities to recieve individual coaching during the normal working period. WIth this 1-to-1 coaching you can receive support when practising newly learned topics, or take a deeper dive into a subject of your choice. This provides the opportunity to work on your personal development and to become a successful agile leader.

The training and coaching is held over a period of several weeks, consisting of theoretical training workshops, interspersed with periods of normal working time.

This Agile Leadership Training and Coaching Program is a fundamentally different way of thinking about leadership, and thinking about your organisation. It will likely result in a significant change in your approach to leadership and management for the rest of your career.

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