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Agile Mastery Pathway™️
Agile Mastery Pathway™️
Agile Mastery Pathway™️

Agile Mastery Pathway™️

A good Agile Coach takes a 2-day certified class.
A great Agile Coach takes the Agile Mastery Pathway!

Because an agile certification should be meaningful...

Great teams don't just appear - they are nurtured by Great Agile Coaches!

What is Agile without a cross-functional, self-managing team? This empowered value-creating unit iterates on what they are building and how they are building it, constantly gathering feedback, reflecting and learning. All the while, guided by a servant-leader focused on Agile Mastery – using the framework to make the framework unnecessary.

What is Agile Mastery?

More than just one-off courses, our mission is to raise the bar of agile certification...

Experienced Guides over professional trainers

A continuous learning pathway over a one-off course

Group exploration over individual reflection

Guided navigation over a solo journey

We value the items on the right, and we value those on the left more!

Many people find themselves dropped into the role of Agile Coach with little preparation other than a two-day introductory course. Some find themselves asked to be an Agile Coach for multiple teams, while others are asked to do the role on top of their primary job.

Unsurprisingly, these people barely grasp the role, let alone master it. As a result, the team, the product and the organisation suffer. When people are allowed to grow into the role through focus, support, coaching and mentoring, not only do they thrive, but they actually create an organisation that has the potential to grow.

The Agile Mastery Pathway™️ is a structured support system that guides students through the application of theory to their real world challenges over time.

Agile Mastery Pathway
Agile Mastery Pathway

Making Learning Stick

The Agile Mastery Pathway™️ is a combination of

  • Experiential Workshops covering every aspect of the role

  • Group Coaching covering real-life challenges, over a period of 6 months or more

  • Practical application, with deeper live training to expand the skills of the role

  • Personal reflection with a coach and peers within your cohort

  • Reading material with best selling books

  • Multiple video modules

  • Asynchronous support with books

  • Smartphone app with coaching techniques and handy tips

  • Community forum with dedicated private space

  • Certified credentials along the journey

Why Mastery Matters

Agile is relevant to complex domains; situations where the past is not a reliable indicator of the future and requirements and technology are rapidly changing. In these situations, learning processes and standard responses to a set of given situations are not appropriate.

It is not a case of learning rules or repeatable ways of working. People cannot come to a training class and be taught the right way to do things in every situation. Instead we need to help people learn how to make sense of the situation, sense the context, understand the nuances and make coherent judgements.

This is where the continuity of the learning relationship and the temporal element of the Pathway program comes in. People can learn, apply, reflect, respond. Together with their learning cohort and their Guide. Over time, based not on classroom scenarios but their real-life scenarios.

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