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Team Diagnostic Workshop

How agile is our team? It's a common question and an important one. After all, teams want to know if they are "doing it right", right?

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How Agile are your teams?

The Team Diagnostic provides a holistic, principle-based view of a team's agile maturity.

All too often, generic agile assessments are based on compliance with practices; are the right meetings being held, are the right processes being followed etc... But true agility comes from having the right culture, behaviours and mindset to achieve extraordinary results.

Our Team Diagnostic works with teams so they can understand their agile maturity and how to move forward to sustain continuous improvement. Agility is based on principles, not practises, and seeing teams evaluate themselves to these principles is a compelling and self-reflective exercise.

Teams often find the experience and outcome of the Team Diagnostic very reflective, enlightening and re-energising into pursuing more continuous improvement.

Team Diagnostic Approach

The Team Diagnostic is run in a workshop-like environment with the whole team or several teams simultaneously. Each team will identify and create an independent and objective evaluation of their agile maturity and a series of improvement initiatives to help them develop further.

The Team Diagnostic considers the following dimensions...

Team Culture

Team Culture

Understanding your team's culture ("how we do things around here") is essential in becoming an agile team. When the right team culture is not in place, this can significantly impede agility.

Agile Principles

When teams take the opportunity to consider the underlying principles of why they do what they do, it is an enlightening moment. The Team Diagnostic helps teams look at their work differently and refocuses their need for continuous improvement.

Team Maturity

High-performing teams take time to develop and grow as they follow a maturity path. The Team Diagnostic will understand your team's current maturity level and identify further steps to create that maturity.

To ensure your teams gain the actual benefits of agility, we work with all aspects of the team when conducting a Team Diagnostic. This includes a workshop, some preparation work, and a series of improvement objectives to pursue. ​ The Team Diagnostic is often followed by a team coaching engagement to provide the necessary support for the team to pursue their improvement objectives.

Who is this for

The Team Diagnostic applies to any team, no matter how big or senior in the organisation. The group does not even need to consider itself an agile team for this Team Diagnostic to be valuable.

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